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Energy Storage Consulting, LLC (ESC) works as an adviser to energy companies, utilities, investment firms, government agencies, and policymakers. ESC provides in-depth analysis of the technologies, economics, and policies in the evolving energy storage competitive landscape. Incorporating extensive experience working for Tesla, SolarCity, and Bloomberg New Energy Finance, ESC offers a wide range of expertise and services, including:

Stationary Energy Storage

  • Energy storage landscape 101 – Get up to speed on the latest trends in policy, projects, and products in an interactive workshop.
  • Market assessment and entry – Determine the best markets to target your products, in terms of geography and customer segment (residential, commercial and industrial, utility).
  • Strategic plans – Develop a strategic plan for your energy storage products.
  • Market sizing – Quantify the market potential for energy storage products in various locations and customer segments.
  • Renewable pairing – Understand how energy storage can pair with renewable generation technologies (in front of or behind the meter) to maximize value and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Economic and financial modeling – Use our flexible models to quantify the economic impact to customers of utilizing energy storage for grid services by tapping energy products in wholesale markets.
  • Grid services – Evaluate the potential value and trade offs associated with using storage to provide wholesale energy market grid services.

Mobile Energy Storage – Electric Vehicles

  • Charging economics – Quantify costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for charging personal or fleet electric vehicles compared to those powered by fossil fuels.
  • Renewable integration – Determine how solar and stationary energy storage can be utilized to minimize operational electricity costs at charging infrastructure.

Energy Policy

  • Utility general rate case technical support – Utilize expert testimony and analysis.
  • Rate development – Create novel approaches ┬áin developing retail rates to encourage storage deployment and dispatch to maximize customer utility bill savings, grid value, and societal benefits.
  • Thought leadership – Write white papers and conference presentations.
  • Policy assessment – Evaluate policy changes and how they impact your product economics.
  • Energy procurement – Minimize energy supply costs (in deregulated markets) or ensure you are on the most advantageous rate structure for your building requirements (in regulated markets)
  • Sustainability – Quantify GHG emission measurements associated with various energy storage use cases to meet renewable portfolio standard (RPS) or other policy goals.

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Energy Storage Consulting, LLC is located in Brooklyn, New York